Craft beer is all about flavour!

Crispy, hoppy, herbal, dry, sour, smoky, spicy, bitter, bold, fruity, floral or funky…. What’s your preference?

BeerHive is a craft beer merchant based in Stockholm. Our sole mission to satisfy the unquenchable thirst for quality beer and ciders in Sweden. We travel extensively, to some of the most exciting, passionate and award winning breweries in the world to bring home a list of hand-picked beers that beer Sweden deserves !

Our award winning beers are available in good restaurants and bars throughout Sweden.

Quality beer should be matched to quality food!

Well before wine, beer has always been a natural dining partner to good food. It may not be as complicated or fussy as the rules for dining with wine varietals, but quality craft beer and cider have a natural place on the dining table. There is a beer that complements or contrasts most any dish, and good restaurants and bars have already begun the journey towards pairing good food to good beer. Its a great time to be a beer drinker, so next time you reach for the wine drinks list, have a closer look at the craft beer and ciders available.

There is a beer for that..

At Beerhive, beer and food matching is important, and we help restaurants and bars find the beers that suit their menus and style.